Sports nutrition

Consumer tasting of protein shakes

335 views October 14, 2021

Watch blind tasting of standard protein shake vs. Lacprodan® ISO.WaterShake.


Quality & Food Safety big picture video -...

531 views September 23, 2021

Safely delivering the wonders of whey to food products, infant and medical products All...

Health foods

Protein bar pilot production line

863 views August 23, 2021

Texture innovation and testing of new ingredients are everyday activities in our in-house protein...

Sports nutrition

Whey protein hydrolysates_ Delivering faster...

140 views July 26, 2021

Watch the video to learn about the superior health effects of whey protein hydrolysates.

Sports nutrition

Protein extreme

137 views July 26, 2021

Watch the animation to see how to get a high boost of protein – while on-the-go.

Sports nutrition

Protein bars - A softer bite for longer

164 views July 26, 2021

Watch video to learn how to use Lacprodan® TexturePro for a softer bar with extended shelf-life.

Early life nutrition

Optimized comfort infant formula with...

192 views July 26, 2021

Arla Foods Ingredients presents its concept of Optimized comfort infant formula with...


How to make High-yield labneh cheese – with...

241 views July 26, 2021

Watch the video to learn more about how you can produce labneh cheese with 100% yield and no...


How to make easy cream cheese in China

177 views July 26, 2021

Learn how to start up your cream cheese production and get ready to try it out in appealing baked...


Gluten-free pizza – without stabilisers

229 views July 26, 2021

With Nutrilac® from Arla Foods Ingredients, you can offer tasty gluten-free pizzas – all while...