Affordable nutrition

Affordable nutrition

Circular bioeconomy and the Kenyan dairy sector

13 views May 29, 2024

Learn more about how to use side-streams

Affordable nutrition

Affordable nutrition - Knowledge sharing

32 views November 25, 2023

Knowledge sharing with Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and local partners in...

Affordable nutrition

GAIN's access to better dairy

99 views November 09, 2023

An affordable, protein-enriched whey drink for dairies in Pakistan

Affordable nutrition

From papaya waste to dried fruit snack with...

51 views March 20, 2023

The objective is to reduce post-harvest loss and provide easily accessible nutrition for...

Affordable nutrition

DanChurchAid has produced a film about the...

69 views July 26, 2021

Arla Foods Ingredients is lead business partner in a GAIN Nordic project to connect Ethiopia’s...

Affordable nutrition

GAIN Access to Better Dairy Ethiopia

136 views July 26, 2021

Whey permeate, vitamins and milk from happy, local cows. These are some of the ingredients that...

Affordable nutrition

The sustainable food platform

72 views July 26, 2021

The Sustainable food platform is initiated by Danish Church Aid, Arla Foods Ingredients, GAIN,...

Affordable nutrition

Sustainable Food Partnership Ethiopian Biscuit

163 views June 03, 2021

Test production of a protein-rich biscuit has begun in Ethiopia – a critical step in the...

Affordable nutrition

Affordable Nutrition activities supporting SDG...

297 views May 26, 2021

Learn how our inclusive partnerships help low-income families in Africa.' Read more:...