Early life nutrition

Toddler healthy development - Natural...

29 views July 26, 2021

Toddler nutrition is the fastest growing segment in the baby food category, where parents seek...


Cakelicious 50% egg reduction

209 views July 26, 2021

Watch the video to learn more about how you can use Nutrilac® egg replacement solutions in your...


AFI's exclusive application center - Without...

123 views July 26, 2021

A new film focusing on application scientists and our exclusive application center supporting...


Film about Porteña production facilities in...

149 views July 26, 2021

Film about Arla Foods Ingredients’ Porteña production facilities in Córdoba, Argentina. English...


Cream cheese in half an hour – with Nutrilac®

37 views July 26, 2021

From our pilot plant in Argentina, our application specialist, Alexandra Izrastzoff, leads us...

Sports nutrition

Danmark Protein Production facilities - without...

683 views June 30, 2021

A documentary on Danmark Protein is now ready to be watched. The film focuses on our excellence...


AFI Corporate film_outro.mp4

308 views April 28, 2021

Corporate film with logo outro - for use in webinar waiting room

Affordable nutrition

Sustainable Food Partnership Ethiopian Biscuit

62 views June 03, 2021

Test production of a protein-rich biscuit has begun in Ethiopia – a critical step in the...


Science-backed nutrition for people and business

288 views May 26, 2021

Get insight into our nutrition science capabilities from discovery to commercialization, See more...


APPLICATION CENTRE_Chinese subtitles.mp4

40 views May 03, 2021

AS&T capabilities video with Chinese subtitles