Responsible Nutrition - Supporting Stronger...

113 views March 31, 2021

Get inspired by how our mindset puts sustainability at the core of our business. Read more:...


Meet Behnaz

5 views November 28, 2023

This video is part of newly created educational material designed for high schools in Denmark....


Arla Incentive model

3 views November 15, 2023

Arla Foods Farmer incentive model English without subtitles


Powering Nutrition Together

410 views May 13, 2023

Watch our purpose film - how we together discover and deliver powerful nutrition for a stronger...


The food industry - Safely delivering the...

84 views August 09, 2022

Food safety by design


AFI video talk with Pernille Lund, Postdoc,...

74 views June 20, 2022

Learn how PostDoc Pernille Lund benefited from an industrial setup.


Quality & Food Safety with DANISH SUBT

130 views October 21, 2021

Safely delivering the wonder of whey - The big picture video


Quality & Food Safety big picture video -...

508 views September 23, 2021

Safely delivering the wonders of whey to food products, infant and medical products All...


AFI's exclusive application center - Without...

334 views July 26, 2021

A new film focusing on application scientists and our exclusive application center supporting...


Film about Porteña production facilities in...

284 views July 26, 2021

Film about Arla Foods Ingredients’ Porteña production facilities in Córdoba, Argentina. English...