3 Break free of caged eggs - Egg replacement made surprisingly simple

November 01, 2023 egg reduction, egg replacement
Reducing your reliance on cage-free eggs may be easier than you think. That’s because we’ve made working with Nutrilac® egg substitution surprisingly simple. In fact, you’ll only need to make minor, or even no changes to your production setup. Unlike shelled or liquid eggs, Nutrilac® doesn’t need cooling. It won’t take up as much storage space. And choosing Nutrilac® doesn’t mean one-to-one replacement. In fact, dosage is just 10% compared with liquid eggs and 40% for powdered eggs. The rest is flour, sugar, and water.

To help you make the change, and to keep your production lines rolling, we can test your recipe at our fully equipped pilot plants, staffed by application specialists who combine food technology expertise with solid bakery backgrounds.