Fermented protein drinks with a novel healthy twist

February 24, 2023 09:30 AM Europe/Copenhagen


Expanding into an exciting new product category can feel like a major challenge. But, with the new whey protein for fermented protein beverages, it's probably easier than you think.

Our experts are ready to demonstrate how you can produce and position a refreshing fermented protein drink with improved clarity and a high count of healthy bacteria.

Practical information:

Date: 24th of February, 2023

Time: 09.30 AM (CET)

Duration: 45 minutes

Allan Eriksen

Application Specialist, Arla Foods Ingredients P/S

Dairy Technologist.
Technical Support for Asian Markets within Dairy.

20 years at Arla Foods Ingredients.

Jannik Ejnar Jakobsen

Application Scientist, Arla Foods Ingredients P/S

PHD, Chemist, previous associated professor.
Technical Costumer Support for Korea and Global Key Account.

6 years at Arla Foods Ingredients.

Katrine Helene Fruergaard Holm

Global Marketing Manager, Dairy & Bakery, Arla Foods Ingredients P/S

Master in Corporate Communication, Aarhus University.

3 years at Arla Foods Ingredients working as Global Marketing Manager.

Barbara Jensen

Sales Development Manager, Arla Foods Ingredients P/S

Ph.D. in Consumer Behavior and Sustainability, Master of Research and Exec. MBA from Kingston University, London

5 years at Arla Food Ingredients working as Sales Development Manager.