Casein Phosphopeptide - Supporting Calcium Absorption

March 16, 2021 09:00 AM Europe/Copenhagen

Join Arla Foods Ingredients webinar on Casein Phosphopeptide (CPP) - for supporting calcium absorption

Arla Foods Ingredients 邀请您参加免费网络研讨会,一起来了解支持钙吸收的酪蛋白磷酸肽 (CPP) 

The use of CPP has greatly increased over the last years as studies show that the peptide is beneficial for; bone calcification and health, increased calcium absorption, increased calcium availability in bone, and reduced bone degradation.

在过去的几年里, CPP得到了广泛的使用。研究表明, 酪蛋白磷酸肽(CPP)可以改善骨骼钙化,增强钙吸收,促进骨骼中钙的利用率和减缓骨骼退化。 

With Lacprodan® DI-2021, which contains at least 22% CPP, AFI customers can create unique solutions that utilize the benefits of the peptide and delivers support for calcium absorption. Moreover, CPP is an approved nutrient fortifier in China for infant and toddler formula and supplementary food.

Lacprodan®DI-2021含有至少22%的CPP, 利用这种肽能够促进钙吸收的优势,我们可以为您创建独特的解决方案。 此外,CPP是中国批准的婴幼儿配方奶粉和补充食品的营养强化剂。

Join the webinar to learn more about the benefits of CPP and Lacprodan® DI-2021.


Zhiyuan Will Tang

Sales Development Manager, Arla Foods Ingredients

Holds a Master's Degree in Biosystems Engineering from the University of Aarhus

Lotte Neergaard Jacobsen

Research Scientist, Arla Foods Ingredients

Holds a Master's degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Aarhus